MINT (Machine lntelligence) by Digiterra is a software product specifically developed for industrial machine manufacturers. With this product, machine manufacturers have the opportunity to add high value-added solutions to their machines such as remote monitoring and Predictive Maintenance on Digiterra’s Arya platform. 

By making all their machines smart and connected, manufacturers can not only reduce their own costs, but alsa increase their earnings by providing Mint as a service to their customers. 



  • Helps you transform your traditional business in to a connected business helping your customers to leverage Industry 4.0 capabilities through your machines.
  • Data collected from the machines in the field is used to uncover potential design flaws and to provide feedback to R&D teams.
  • Knowing whereabouts of your machines geographically and knowing their states in real time allows you to improve production and customer service planning.
  • Providing customers with access to instant supply chain information can give them the ability to make better business decisions.