Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have more questions.

Yes. You can try Digiterra Platform free for 2 weeks. During the trial you will get a trial account on our multi-tenant servers, that you can upgrade later.

It is up to you. You are free to select how much data you want to retain and for how long. You can manage your data by device and app as well.

It is your data and you can export it anytime you like. We provide the tools to make things even easier for you.

Any device with a TCP stack/library can exchange data with Digiterra Platform over any type of network. It is a device- and network-agnostic platform after all.

For CC, we have a simple API based pricing scheme. You pay only for the number and type of API calls. For YIC pricing please contact us.

Yes. Digiterra is also a software company offering custom software solutions. Depending on the project, we help our customers to get the service they need from our team or from our rich technology partner ecosystem.