What is SaaS and What Advantages Does it Bring to Your Company?

SaaS  (Software as a Service) is a software distribution  model, which has been developed as based on the basis of distributing of the software to the customers via internet. In SaaS software distribution model, the service provider undertakes the responsibilities of carrying out all activities by sheltering all data within its own data centre. The customers are accessing the data  with the help of internet. In accessing SaaS, as sometimes accessible internet applications that can be only reached via an internet browser,   are used and sometimes desktop software, which works with internet,  is used.

SaaS presents strong possibilities to be able to work at any place and any time with lower costs. According to the news of Computer Business Review;

Although there are many enterprises in the big market, yet  it is also possible to find activity area to grow. One of the growth reasons of the market is arising from changing of software providers, companies their work models with intra-company licensed software that  has general cloud base.

What Kind of Advantages Does SaaS Provide to Your Company?

Low Cost

SaaS applications work on subscription basis. Company users may use the software for a period and they have the payment authority only by using it. As you give your subscription fee, your SaaS service provider pays a lot of unseen expenses in the back ground.

The subscription model of SaaS products in the form of ‘pay-per-use” is particularly a great advantage for new entrepreneurs and small scale businesses.  Thanks to this model, your requirements of intra company team and IT equipment drop to the minimum level. There are only rental costs for the beginners and the barriers of big investment and capital  that the small scale enterprises  need to enter  into the market  are eliminated.

Thanks to the SaaS products, the obligation of making payment for hardware that shelters        new applications is dispersed and you don’t need to provide a resource for installation. As purchasing of the physical hardware    and making its maintenance is a cost,   forming of the necessary software, managing the security, correcting of the hardware problems and                                                                                                                                                             ensuring the operation of the works as free of any problems are also some of the  additional costs. Your equipment is also required to be kept updated constantly together with the expenses of your personnel. The APIs, provided thanks to the SaaS products, make the most of the works and your data processing  personnel does not have to be occupied with installation problems frequently.

In our day in which industrial IoT devices and smart factories are spreading day by day, the data safety has a critical importance for the producers. One of the reasons, why the producers prefer SaaS solutions is the concept of ‘safety’.

More Speed

SaaS  presents an opportunity   to the producers and machine manufacturers to try     how                                   and when they comply with      the existing requirements   with different technologies. The server can make the cloud and applications to be ready for use swiftly and your waiting period is dispersed.      SaaS work models provide you to reduce the action taking period and the costs by  choosing the services you require according to the situation without being obliged to buy an equipment and hire an additional personnel.

SaaS companies increase their speed and productivity by purchasing  better equipment and service, compared to the brand new software since they see increased yields in the effort and time they spent to their products.    In addition to that, the producers will frequently see a decreasing yield    on the issue of     upgrading their  equipment and   software.

Increased Reliability

SaaS applications are cloud based and establish faster connections by   complying with the sudden demands swiftly in the places where there aren’t any intra company solutions. You can be utmost sure  that you will be able to reach and use the services, you require at any time and place.

SaaS providers survive in the market by forming an accessible, reliable and effective software. Since reliability is one of the most important performance indicators and the test base is much larger than any software which will be developed within the company, SaaS providers  present you a constantly developing and more reliable service.

More Accessibility to the High Powered Resources

As SaaS provides the customer to have  access to the high power, extremely fast  data processing  equipments with reduced risks and fair prices, it also give opportunity to them to   put their sources into a good use.

Thanks to the sub-structure, which is supported by the SaaS work model, your company  may have high powered data processing equipments and safety packages. Even if you have  sources technically, you will have definitely some money and time reserved  which you will be able to put in good use more productively in some other places.


A software, which is sheltered within the cloud, makes itself accessible via internet and from everywhere.   Along with the pandemic period, in which remote working has become a norm, accessing of the user to the work environment via the devices, such as telephone, tablet and other devices even if the he/she is far from the work place has started to become very much important. Since SaaS service providers have been produced as applications that can be used through all mobile devices, this mans that you will be able to move your work to any place with internet connection.

But, this takes us back to the first and most important point back; when you open the accessibility of your products or your serves    to the outside world, the safety risks swiftly increase if proper procedures are not applied.  SaaS providers, provide remote access possibility      to the information and functionality with a highly reduced  risk, aimed at ideally data safety.