Your Unplanned Downtimes (Stoppages) Can Be Prevented With The Right Approach…

As Digiterra Technology, we would like to show that unplanned downtime is no longer a fact of production life. You don’t need to be a billion-dollar global manufacturer or have an advanced digital infrastructure. If you are experiencing unwanted outages, you are now ready for Predictive Maintenance. However, we also recognize that many mid-sized manufacturers are not ready to make the leap. First we need to dispel a number of myths about why they don’t feel ready to jump in.


Myth 1: Before I can get directly acquainted with Industry 4.0, I need to constitute a digital strategy plan, or at least form a roadmap.

No. Some of our customers have used our solutions as a springboard to start their digital transformation. We also know producers who have tried to implement a digital strategy before but did not get the value they wanted. There’s no other reason why they’re failing, other than because they don’t know what to do with their data. The biggest problem is actually this; it is not about collecting data, but not knowing how to use the data. At this point, Digiterra analyzes how you will use your data, creates your digital strategy and also takes it to the target.

Myth 2: Without CMMS/MES/PM systems, I am not ready for Predictive Maintenance.

If you have unplanned downtimes (stoppages), it means you are ready. Our solution can act autonomously or be integrated into any existing platform. If you are not currently using these mentioned systems; we can help you start calculating and improving the value of avoiding unplanned downtime costs such as maintenance costs, waste-based costs, wasting of time or waiting by the staff.

Myth 3: I need highly trained data analysts on staff.

This is our job. You don’t need data analysts. Any maintenance technician who knows how to repair the machine, regardless of experience level, can use our solution. While generally more concerned with the new generation technology, the previous generation also find our solution very easy to use and useful.

Myth 4: Nobody likes change in our factory. They do not adapt and do not internalize.

Until the system is put into use, our project team spends time at the factory and provides training and support during the familiarization process.

Management will be happy because they will see how much money and time they have saved. The maintenance team will be happy because there will be less stress and no late night emergency calls.

Everyone likes these kind of changes.

Myth 5: I need to make large capital investments to get a long-term return on investment.

It will start making money for you right away, and your return on investment will come back to you within months or even weeks. We’ve seen this happen over and over again in organizations both large and small. This value can and should be realized in all companies. In addition, the model to be developed for a machine type is developed as adaptable to all machines of the same type in your same or different factory, and it can be adapted without the need for continuous investments.

Myth 6: It sounds great. I know this is the job of the future, and we need to work in this direction, but I don’t have time for another project right now…

We get it, and we’re all busy. But we also all have goals. That’s why it’s so important to find the right initiatives to make the biggest impact. While performing successful projects during your digital transformation process, the burden on your company will be very low thanks to Digiterra. With our experience and the power of our technical team, we can put the systems into use quickly and quite simply.

As for the time saved from the real solution itself… That’s why we’re talking. You will save time. Your team will be empowered to be more efficient and direct you to the most pressing issues so you can avoid potential catastrophic failures. In other words, you will no longer have to spend all your time fighting fires. You will be able to fully trust the machines that are most important to you.

Digiterra’s Arya platform provides instant tracking of the values ​​coming from the machines. It has a solid structure that will ensure your machines work reliably and can optimize the labor / parts planning according to the actual machine condition. If you think you are ready for Predictive Maintenance and want to reduce your unplanned downtimes, you can contact us…